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Heating Service

When your furnace stops working and it’s cold outside, you need immediate service you can count on. We might be the last people you want to talk to, but in a situation like this, Clark's Heating and Air should be your very first call. It doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or late at night – our certified technicians are here for you 24/7. We’ll be there in a jiffy and get the job done fast – so you can get back to your life and not have to worry about needing another furnace repair anytime soon.

Clark's Heating and Air repair technicians are prepared for any type of heating repair, whether your furnace is electric, gas, duel fuel, heat pump. We have all the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. Think of the repair process as though our technician were skilled doctor, working tirelessly to diagnose and provide the proper prescription for your home’s comfort problem.

Symptoms indicating your furnace needs a repair service:

If you notice a strong gas smell, call us right away.
If your furnace isn’t running, check the emergency shut off and your breaker. Switch them off, then on again. If the system still doesn’t work, call us to determine the source of the problem.

Learn more about our repair process for electric and gas furnaces. Need one of our experts for a furnace repair service ASAP? Call (678) 379-2665 to get it scheduled, and we’ll get your heat working beautifully before you know it.

Heating Products To Upgrade Your System

Clark's Heating and Air are expert heating service and repair professionals. Did you know that we also sell a wide variety of furnaces and offer expert furnace installation. From start to finish, our experts will help you find and install a furnace that fits your budget, home and energy efficiency preferences.

Furnace Replacement

You might not want to hear it, but if you’re constantly repairing your furnace, it’s probably time to upgrade. A new furnace will almost certainly operate more efficiently, and with regular maintenance, last longer and require fewer repairs. Clark's Heating and Air offers various financing plans to make your home’s new heating system more affordable, too. It’s a big step, but don’t worry – we’ll be with you the whole way.
Call us to learn more about the furnaces and air handlers we offer.

Expert Furnace Installation

We don’t call ourselves the experts for no reason. Indulge us while we toot our own horn a bit:

Our technicians experts participate in ongoing HVAC industry and product training to learn the best ways to carry out a variety of furnace repair and maintenance services, plus our expert furnace installation.

We’ve worked hard to achieve these credentials – and many more points we didn’t list – especially for you and other families. As you can see, we’re ready to help with all your furnace sales, replacement and installation needs. Call (678) 379-2665 to learn more.